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J-Day Camps
day camp specialty tracks

Ansifield Specialty Tracks

Spend your morning exploring your favorite interests, spend the afternoon participating in the incredible activities that Anisfield has to offer. Space is limited – don’t miss these incredible, one-of-a-kind camp experiences! Looking for sports? Click here to learn about our Reimagine sports program

Specialty Tracks Options

Week 1 
•Extreme Warrior

•The Pokemon Experience

•Edible Art

Week 2 
•Farm to Table

•Unicorn Camp

Return of The Jedi

Week 3 
Jewelry Design

•Horseback Riding 

SOLD OUT: Safety Town

Week 4 
•Outdoor Adventure

Pop Star In The Making 

•Anisfield Goes to Camp Wise (5 Day) 

•Anisfield Goes to Camp Wise (8 Days)

Week 5 
•Pokemon: Catch 'em All


•Horseback Riding 

Week 7 
•Mermaid Extravaganza

•SOLD OUT Fishing & Boating 

•Outdoor Adventure Extreme

•Babysitting Course

Week 8 
•Welcome to Hogwarts

• SOLD OUT Farm to Table


Week 9

• Safety Town

•Babysitting Course

•Welcome to Hogwarts

•Horseback Riding 

•Playmakers at Anisfield 



Anisfield Goes To Camp Wise
The best week at the best overnight camp has gotten bigger, and better, once again.  Campers can choose between a 5 day or 8 day Shabbat Camp Wise experience.  Spend your week getting your “feet wet” trying all that Camp Wise has to offer.  Unsure if your camper is ready for multiple weeks at Camp Wise?  This is the perfect opportunity for your camper to spend the week at the Home of Happiness and return home with the countdown starting for camp 2019!

Babysitting Course
Are you ready to be the best babysitter on the block?  This course provides the knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to safely and responsibly care for children and infants, including basic first aid, leadership skills, guidance on developing a babysitting business,and methods for engaging younger children in age appropriate activities. Successful completion provides participants with a Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Certification.

Campers will spend their mornings expanding their imagination and diving into the exciting world of clay.  Your camper will get their hands dirty working hands on with this dynamic and expressive art form.  At the end of the week, your camper will have completed a variety of projects that will be mailed home after we fire them in the kiln for you to proudly display! Projects may range from sculptures to pots to picture frames to bowls! Our instructors will work with each camper individually to help them create a project they are proud of!

Campers will flip out in our new Cheerleading Camp. Campers will learn new dance moves and incorporate them into stage-worthy routines. Friday will include a “split” day with both practice, new routines and a camp wide performance!  Throughout the week, campers will learn choreography and technique from our awesome cheerleading counselors as they create amazing performances worthy of professional stadium!

Creative Arts (Advanced)
Our Creative Arts camp is for campers who have a passion for visual arts. Campers will dabble in a handful of different mediums before selecting a focus medium to create your work of art. Campers will choose a theme for their collection and will be able to reference works of local professional artists for inspiration! Campers will also get to meet some of Cleveland’s incredible local artists who will stop by as guest speakers. Each camper will leave with a portfolio of their work at the end of the session!

Edible Art
All of their life you have told your camper the same thing “food is for eating, not for playing”.  At camp, that is not the case!  In this unique and exciting camp, campers will combine cooking skills with artistic style to build edible art creations. Projects will include “mouse pears,” funny face sandwiches, Oreo crafts, ice cream cone clowns, edible bouquets, and more. Not only will campers have a chance to explore their creative side, but they can eat their masterpieces as well!  If your camper has allergies, that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in all the fun, please give us a call and we will make sure that they also have a safe experience that they will never forget.

Extreme Warrior
Extreme Warrior camp is the camp for campers that want to learn and master what it takes to be a hero.  Campers will tackle multiple mental and physical challenges individually and as a team all in a positive environment that will push campers to safely take risks and try new things.  Campers will undertake “extreme” challenges as they learn martial arts, work on core training, tackle obstacle courses and relay races and try to break their daily record on our brand new ninja-warrior-style course housed at Anisfield Day Camp.

Farm To Table
In our Farm to Table Camp, Campers will learn about producing their own food, tend the garden and enjoy a hands-on experience using fruits and veggies from our camp garden and beyond. We will provide transportation for participants to Legacy Farms (a 5 minute bus ride from Halle Park) where Farmer Tim and Farmer Lorna will be our guides for the week! At Legacy Farms, campers will learn how a farmer takes care of their garden on a daily basis. Campers will also prepare snacks and dishes using the foods that they tend to at the farm.

Fishing and Boating Camp
What will the catch of the day be? Campers will start their week off learning the basics of kayaking and fishing and as the week goes on they will travel to some of the best local fishing spots to test their skills. Campers will be led by experienced staff who have spent time in these areas. Campers will fish from land, docks, and by boat as well! Campers will be provided with all necessary equipment during this week.   

Horseback Riding
Travel to the Frog Spring Farm for five days of horseback riding lessons led by their professional equestrian staff.  Learn to walk and trot, plus basic horsemanship control.  Whether you are an experienced rider or just have a love for horses, this is the camp for you.  Specific clothing may be required.

Jewelry Design
Students will work on a professional design board, learn fun techniques and work with various stringing materials, unique beads, charms and pendants to create beautiful and wearable beaded jewelry & accessories. A new project will be featured each day including: necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, rings, and more. Advanced students will learn many techniques including: wire wrapping, crimping, and spirals and stitches. Student will learn a broad skill base of jewelry making and will apply it to the creations they make in class including necklaces, earrings, ankle bracelets and more.

Mermaid Extravaganza
Have you dreamt of becoming a mermaid? This is the place for you! Campers will go through mermaid etiquette training, learn the dance of the mermaids, participate in mermaid related crafts and activities and will receive a beautiful “Mermaid Makeover” and self-portrait, as well as a group shot of their camp. Campers will learn the daily responsibilities of being a mermaid while getting a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the secret life of mermaids!

Outdoor Adventure
Campers will explore the outdoors through fun, engaging, and challenging adventures. Campers will earn achievement badges as they complete activities such as fort and raft-building, hiking and climbing, and learning how to build a campfire. Campers in outdoor adventure will also experience an overnight camping experience at Anisfield.

Outdoor Adventure Extreme
Did you love outdoor adventure camp but are ready for the next challenge? This is the place for you! Campers will earn achievement badges as they complete activities such as identifying edible plants, hiking, cooking their meals over a campfire and pitching a tent. Campers in outdoor adventure extreme will also experience an overnight camping experience located off site where they will pitch their own tent, go on hikes, and prepare their dinner and breakfast over a campfire.

Playmakers at Anisfield
We hope you are ready for the limelight! Warm up those pipes and get your dancing shoes on for this musical theatre workshop! Campers will learn music and choreography to some of the most popular musical theatre productions. The week concludes with a live showcase for Anisfield (available for friends and family to view on Facebook live). Playmakers at Anisfield is led by staff borrowed from our very own Francine and Benson Pilloff Family Performing Arts Camp,

Pokemon: The Pokemon Experience
Do you have what it takes to become a Pokemon Master?  This camp will prepare your camper as they venture into the Pokemon world, all while never leaving camp!  Campers will learn to be Pokemon trainers through craft projects, custom Pokemon creations and will put their Pokemon Go skills to the test as they look to grow their Pokemon skills around Anisfield.  Themes throughout the week may include game strategies, Pokemon recognition memory games, trading tips and so much more! Pokemon cards will be provided for the time that your camper is at camp.

Pokemon: Catch ‘Em All Camp
Pokemon professors have studied our campgrounds and created a map of where we are most likely to find even the rarest of Pokemon! Stock up on pokeballs by visiting “pokestops” located on our campsite, completing training and quests, and leveling up! Use your inventory to capture the pokemon of your choice! Please note that Pokemon: Catch ‘Em All Camp recreates an experience similar to the Pokemon Go game, and does not require any previous knowledge of the trading card game.

Pop Star In The Making
Have you dreamed of making your own single and reaching number one on the charts? Take the first step in making your dreams come true at our Pop Star in the Making camp! Write your own songs with the help of our music specialist. You get to create your own sound, look, and pop star identity! Campers will spend time developing their individual artistic sound, creating lyrics in writing workshops, creating album art for the cover of their single, and producing a music video as a group! Our Pop Stars will give us an all camp performance and their music video will be played for the entire camp on Friday. We know that this camp is sure to make it to the top of the charts!

Princesses and Pirates 
Imagine a magical world filled with princesses and pirates.  Now imagine all the fun you have at Anisfield Day Camp.  Now combine both of those worlds!  With a bounty of games, creative art experiences, princess training, stage fighting, face painting and countless more activities and games, Princesses and Pirates week is a week full of imagination, fun, costumes, princesses and pirates!  You’re probably wondering, what could make this week even better?  How about dressing like a princess or pirate every day!  Campers will make all of the necessary accompanying items to complete the perfect princess or pirate costume needed from eye patches to princess crowns and everything in between. 

Safety Town
Rising Kindergarteners spend half of their day participating in the incredible Safety Town program and half the day participating in a traditional camp day at Anisfield.  Safety Town is a week long program that teaches Rising Kindergarteners a wide spectrum of safety issues before they enter Kindergarten.  Safety topics include fire safety, stranger danger, school bus safety, calling 911, police assistance and more! Safety Town participants will have a safety town graduation to celebrate their experience and achievement.

Unicorn Camp
Come to Anisfield and dance among the magical and mystical world of unicorns and rainbows! This week of camp includes unicorn fairy tales, dance, unicorn face painting, decorating unicorn cookies, creating the magic of unicorn arts and crafts (just imagine making your very own unicorn horn), unicorn makeovers, countless unicorn games and so much more!

Return Of The Jedi
This week, the Star Wars galaxies come to life as you journey across space with your team. All Jedi’s must go through training, where they will start with learning Jedi code, lightsaber selection and lightsaber instruction. Training continues with an evasive movement session to enhance your sense of stealth. We will then sharpen your skills in mind bending challenges and obstacle courses. Activities will include exploration, scavenger hunts, pod racing, padawan testing, and more! When you have passed all of your training courses, it will be time to learn the core skill of being a Jedi; The Force. Upon completion of training, we will celebrate our Jedi graduates with a feast of Yoda quesadilla’s, Clone pops, and Chewbaca mix! 

Snapology (K-1)
If you like LEGO® bricks, you'll love Summer Camp with Snapology at The J!  Playing with LEGO® bricks is fun and educational!  Our campers are guided by Snapology instructors through interactive lessons and an introduction to robotics with easy-to-use software.  Teams will build different creations each day and learn to make their models move!  Campers will also enjoy themed lessons such as LEGO® City, Pokemon and Angry Birds. There will be time for free-building, outdoor play and swimming each day.

Snapology Lego Robotics at Safran Park (2-5)
If you like LEGO® bricks, you'll love Snapology at Safran Park!  Campers attending this unique LEGO camp are guided by Snapology instructors through interactive lessons and an introduction to LEGO robotics with easy-to-use software. Teams will build different LEGO creations each day and learn to make their models move!  Campers will also enjoy themed lessons such as LEGO® City, Pokemon and Angry Birds. In addition to all of the fun with LEGOS, there will be time for creative LEGO play and building, outdoor activities and campers will swim each day too!

Welcome To Hogwarts 
Get your wands and broomsticks ready to soar into the Harry Potter universe in this exciting camp! This camp is back by popular demand! Our staff will lead campers through an interactive world of magic and wizardry. From potions class and Quidditch practice to defense against the dark arts and crafts, aspiring young witches and wizards will explore this magical world through dozens of games and crafts, cooking projects, scavenger hunts, and more!

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