September 18: Showers in the Women’s Locker Room are out of service until further notice. Water in the sinks is not affected. Thank you for your patience.
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Young Family Services

Beachwood Preschool - Pre- K Programs

Our award-winning preschool programs were ranked # 1 in quality in a national survey of large JCCs!

The Pre-K program supports children's social, emotional and cognitive growth.The Mandel JCC provides year-round programs for children with Half Day and Full Day options. Child must turn 4 by Sept. 30

Half-Day Preschool Program

  • Monday-Friday • 9 am - 2 pm
  • A full day can be added to any half day schedule
  • Click here to download the Half Day Daily Schedule        

Full Day Preschool Program

  • Monday - Friday • 9 am - 6 pm
  • Click here to download the Full Day Daily Schedule.

 What is the Pre-K Advantage?

    Classes facilitated by a highly skilled team of three veteran teachers
•    Project-based learning- a specialized curriculum where by children work on in-depth investigations focused on finding answers to specific questions
•    Year-long Red Cross certified instructional swim lessons
•    Seasonal gardening
•    Weekly yoga
•    Weekly Physical Education instruction
•    Classroom communities that support and honor each child
•    Resources that support self-regulation and community stewardship
•    Extended half-day hours – school goes from 9:00 – 2:00 in order to prepare children for a longer day when they transition to Kindergarten

Field Trips
Pre-K students take special field trips that support different areas of classroom study.

  • Eddy’s Fruit Farm - Early in the school year the children visit a working farm as they explore apples and the fall harvest.
  • Heinen’s - Food is an essential and important part of everyone’s life. During our field trip to Heinen’s, children experience a behind the scenes look at how a grocery store works and they in turn gain a better understanding about the food we purchase.