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Young Family Services

Committed to Excellence

The Mandel JCC Early Childhood Center is committed to excellence in early care and education. Our program is inspired by Sheva (the Hebrew word for seven), a national JCCA program which guides our values, engagement and pursuit of excellence:

Children are Natural Learners: Our teachers inspire children to question their world and to appreciate multiple perspectives.
Early Childhood Directors as Visionaries: Our director works with parents, teachers and The J’s leadership to cultivate a diverse and vibrant learning community.
Early Childhood Educators are Professionals: Our educators are lifelong learners, always engaging in professional development.
Families as Engaged Learners: Family engagement builds a healthy school community. Our families are valued and diversity is embraced.
Environments as an Inspiration for Inquiry: Our classrooms provide spaces that provoke children’s wonder, curiosity, intellectual engagement and creative expression.
Discover CATCH as Sh’mirat HaGuf (taking care of our bodies): We encourage children’s love of physical activity and knowledge about healthy eating.
Israel as the Story of the Jewish People: Our educators create a connection with Israel through classroom activities and holiday celebrations.