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Young Family Services

Toddler Care

Full-Day Child Care for Toddlers

This full-day, year-round child care program for toddlers functions as a family nurtured by competent, caring teachers
Ages: 18-36 months

The Mandel JCC’s Toddlercare Program provides the highest quality care and education for young children.
 Program Options: 
• Children can attend 2, 3, or 5 days per week.
• Operating hours: 8 AM - 4 PM
• Year-round programming

The toddler classroom functions as a family, nurtured by caring professionals.

  • Our exceptionally low teacher child ratio (1:4) allows teachers to meet children’s individual and group needs.
  • Each child is respected and treated as an individual.
  • All children are made to feel as safe and cared for at school as they do at home.
  • Quality caregiving, ongoing communication and support for parents 

Transitioning to Child Care

Before the First Day

 • Parent/caregiver and child can stop in the classroom to say “hello.” Your child will be able to see the room and meet the teachers and the other children.
 • Tell your child that they will be coming to The J in an honest, matter-of-fact manner.

Day One

 • Plan to spend a few hours in the classroom and allow your child to enjoy snack time with the other children.
 • Allow your child to explore and play while you keep a slight distance; be readily available to provide assistance if needed.
 • Engage in a relaxed conversation with the teachers so your child can see that you enjoy and trust them.
 • End the morning on a happy note; leave while your child is still having fun and before your child gets too tired or overwhelmed.

Day Two

 • The second day will be similar to the first. Look for cues that your child is feeling more trustful of the teachers and the environment. Does your child look to the teachers for help? Does your child move farther away from your side?
 • Bring a book or magazine and do your “work” while your child plays.
 • Leave the room for short periods of time. Always tell your child where you are going and when you will be back.
 • Pack lunch and let your child experience the lunchtime routine with your help.
 • Watch as cots are being placed throughout the room and tell your child that they will have their cot to rest on soon.
 • Leave prior to naptime.

Day Three

 • Your child will more likely play independently and allow the teachers to assist them.
 • When you leave the room, stretch out the length of time you are gone.
 • Allow the teachers to assist your child at lunchtime and in other situations.
 • At rest time, let your child try out their cot. Have your child’s cot items available, (sheet, pillow, blanket, soft toy.)
 • Each child’s adjustment to school will be assessed and recommendations for easing the transition process may be implemented. 



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