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Book Festival

Book Festival: The Last Interview: A Novel

Date: March 7, 2021Time: 3:00 pm

The Last Interview: A Novel
Sunday, March 7, 2021 • 3:00PM

A writer tries to answer a set of interview questions. At first, they stick to the standard fare: Did you always know you would be a writer? How autobiographical are your books? Usually his answers in these situations are measured, calculated. But this time, when his heart is about to break and his life is about to crumble, he finds he cannot tell anything but the truth. The naked, funny, sad, scandalous, politically incorrect truth. Every question the writer tackles opens a door to a hidden room of his life. Surprising, bold, intimate, and utterly engrossing, The Last Interview shows the tenuous lines between work and life, love and hate, fact and fiction. And in exploring the many, often contradictory facets of an Israeli author's identity, Eshkol Nevo also gives us a nuanced, thought-provoking portrait of a country at odds with itself.

Eshkol Nevo, born in Jerusalem in 1971, co-runs the largest creative writing school in Israel. His novels have been translated into twelve languages, sold a million copies around the world, and won numerous literary prizes. His bestselling novel Homesick (2004) was awarded the Reimond Vallier Prize (France), shortlisted for the Sapir Prize (Israel),  and longlisted for the 2009 Independent Prize (UK). His bestselling novel World Cup Wishes (2007) won the Golden Book Prize (Israel), and was awarded the Adei-Wizo Prize (Italy). His novel Neuland (2011) was included in the Independent’s 2014 Books of the Year: Fiction in Translation, and was awarded the Steimatzky Prize for ‘Book of the Year’. The bestselling novel Three Floors Up (Israel, 2015; US Edition from Other Press, 2017) won the Platinum Book Prize (Israel), the Wizo Prize (France), was chosen by readers in Tel Aviv as ‘The Best Book of 2015” and was a bestseller in Italy.  It has also been adapted to film by the acclaimed Italian director Nanni Moretti and will be screened at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. The Last Interview, published in Hebrew in 2018, spent 30 weeks at the top of the bestseller list in Israel, and is currently on the short list for the Lattes Grinzano Prize (Italy) and longlisted for the Femina Prize (France). Nevo lives in Raanana, Israel, with his wife and three daughters. 

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