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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the renovation be funded?

The Mandel Family Foundation generously donated $13.5 million for the renovation. In addition, we are in the process of raising another $1.5 million through government and foundation grants as well as gifts from private donors.

How will we communicate with members about the renovation and expansion?

We will communicate via signs, flyers and newsletters. Our website, www.mandel.org will continuously be updated and we will be sending information via email as well. If we don't have your email address please stop by the membership desk or email us at info@clevejcc.org and provide it. Please be assured we never sell or give away your email address and you can easily unsubscribe from our mailings at any time.

How can I help?

Your continued membership and support is very important to us as we undergo renovation. If you'd like to make a donation as well, please contact Bonnie Marks at bmarks@mandeljcc.org.

Will there be a low impact exercise studio?

Yes the renovation includes plans for two warm exercise studios that will provide an ideal setting for Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates.

What will happen to the Pilates studio?

Pilates reformers will be moved to one of the exercise studios.

What will happen to Rzepka?

We will be converting Rzepka Youth Fitness Center to the Rzepka Fitness Wing which house two exercise studios, one dedicated to Yoga and the other to Pilates.

Will the project be "green"?

Yes, we are taking many steps to renovate and expand the facility in an environmentally sensitive manner:

  • Efficient plumbing fixtures with sensor controls
  • Energy efficient mechanical systems 
  • Energy efficient lighting 
  • Recycle construction waste 
  • New materials with recycled content 
  • Improved indoor air quality with low emitting carpet, paint, and furniture 
  • Use of locally manufactured materials 
  • Improved ventilation

Who is the architect?

Bialosky + Partners Architects, located in Cleveland, is the architect. They have a wealth of relevant experience and Jack Bialosky, Jr, a long time member of The Mandel JCC, brings an insider's perspective to the project

Who is doing the construction work?

Legacy Construction was selected as the construction management firm.

Will there be any disruption to the early childhood classes?

Our Early Childhood children will be temporarily located to the Fairmount Early Childhood Center in Beachwood.

Will there be any changes to the early childhood classrooms?

  • Newly renovated classrooms with all new flooring, lighting, fixtures & furnishings & new restrooms.
  • Two new outdoor playgrounds (Toddler & Pre-K) with all new equipment and child-friendly surfaces
  • New preschool kitchen with all new appliances
  • Beautiful color palette based on blue, green & brown earth & water tones
  • Enhanced safety & security throughout the Early Childhood facility - limited entry & access points, all requiring a swipe card
  • Newly renovated activity rooms including Debra Ann November KidSpace, Family Place & Multi-Purpose room

Behind the Scenes Upgrades

We're going green to minimize our environmental impact and focus on earth-friendly elements

  • New energy efficient mechanical systems & lighting
  • All new HVAC systems to improve the quality of air and water in both winter and summer
  • Upgraded exhaust & ventilation systems throughout the wing

Will there be any changes or disruption to the day camp program?

No the majority of the construction in the first phase will be limited to the lower level. We do not anticipate any disruption to the day camp program.