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Private Yoga

Private Yoga & Small Group Yoga Training

Private Yoga or Semi-Private Yoga Classes at The J:

Yoga is a body-centered practice of ancient postures and breathing techniques designed to increase flexibility, improve muscle strength and endurance while balancing your mind, body and spirit. Private Yoga or small group Yoga classes at The J will allow you to learn proper Yoga postures and alignment, improve your practice with hands-on assistance or help with injury and post-rehab recovery.

Who Can Benefit from specialized private or small group Yoga classes:

  • People who are new to Yoga and want to learn the postures and correct alignment in a safe and supportive environment
  • Experienced students who want to take their skills to the next level.
  • Those with injuries, back or neck pain, arthritis and chronic illnesses
  • Anyone looking to supplement their cardio workouts will find that Yoga strengthens, tones and increases flexibility

Beachwood Yoga classes at The J are for ages 13 and up. Classes are subject to instructor and room availability.

I'm Interested in Private Yoga

For information on fees or to register contact Kate Toohig at (216) 831-0700 ext. 1365 •



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