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Young Family Services

Our Philosophy

Our Early Childhood Program is grounded in the principles of Conscious Discipline, a social and emotional philosophy that increases a teacher’s skill set for self-management and classroom leadership.

Conscious Discipline provides a relationship based model of classroom management with the “school family” at the core of the program. It is supported by the following three tenets:

Controlling and changing ourselves is possible and has a profound impact on others
Our teachers maintain a sense of calm and well-being even when children cannot.
Adults who manage their own anger and frustration teach children emotional self-management skills and provide them with a healthy model to emulate.

Connectedness governs behavior
Our school structures and routines strengthen our family atmosphere and enrich
children’s classroom experiences. Structures bring order to a classroom by helping
children anticipate what comes next – rituals bring warmth and connection to a
classroom by emotionally connecting children to their school experiences. At school
children begin to appreciate how pleasurable it is to play and work with others.

Conflict is an opportunity to teach
While most people instinctively try to avoid conflict – at school, we see conflict as
an opportunity to teach children missing skills. With ongoing support, practice, and
coaching children gain the confidence to approach conflict directly and learn to see it
as a manageable part of daily life.