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PlaymakersYouth Theatre

Playmakers Programs

Playmakers Youth Theatre Presents NEW Classes for Kids & Teens to Hone Their Acting Skills


Playmakers Youth Theatre Leadership Development Program

Thank you for your interest in the Playmakers Youth Theatre Teen Leadership Development Program. This program is designed to help teach positive leadership skills to students in grades 10-12 through the lens of theatre.  These skills are transferable and can be used in college and any job outside of the theatre world.  Skills include but are not limited to: working with peers, child development, understanding your leadership style and the styles of those around you, conflict resolution, and many more.  


Intro to Drama • Grades K-1
Kids will have the opportunity to explore drama and theatre through games. An excellent introduction to being on stage and performing for an audience. At the end of the 8-week session, students will present a review for parents and friends. Held after school at The J. 
Who: Grades K-1
Where: Mandel JCC, Stonehill
Fee: $96 Members / $120 Community

Playmakers Jr. Grades K–1
Kids get a chance to audition, go through rehearsals and put on a performance. A great way for kids to build confidence, learn the importance of team work, experience being on stage and express themselves through creative theatre in a fun and supportive environment.
For auditions: Please have your child prepare a short song to sing (or a verse and a chorus of a song).
Who: Grades K-1

Where: Mandel JCC
Fee: $70 Members/ $100 Community

Master Class I • Grades 6-8
Be prepared for winter auditions with this two-part class. Topics include what directors are looking for, song choice, cold reads and everything in between.

Master Class II • Grades 6-8
Advance and hone the skills you learned in the first Master Class! Topics include what directors are looking for, character development during audition prep and callbacks, fine-tuning cold reads and more. Students must attend both sessions and must have attended the Master Class I.

Who: Grades 6-8
Fee: $38 Members / $45 Community 

Master Class III • Grades 6-8
Delve into character building, acting theory and exploration in this 2-part class. Learn how to develop a character and personality in order to create reality on stage. Students must have participated in Master Class I,II.

Who: Grades 6-8
Fee: $45 Members / $55 Community 

Audition Workshop • Grades 2-5
Learn how to prepare for your next audition with this two hour workshop.

When: TBD
Fee: $28 Members / $40 Community