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Young Family Services

Early Childhood

For more than 50 years the Mandel JCC has been committed to providing outstanding preschool and child care programs. Our talented team of teachers create and foster a culturally and academically enriched Jewish setting that allows children to flourish and grow, each at their own pace. Our Five Star- Step-Up-to Quality rated preschool offers full-day child care and half-day preschool programs for children ages 18 months to Pre-K. 

 Committed to Excellence

The Mandel JCC Early Childhood Center is committed to excellence in early care and education. Our program is inspired by Sheva (the Hebrew word for seven), a national JCCA program which guides our values, engagement and pursuit of excellence:

• Children are Natural Learners: Our teachers inspire children to question their world and to appreciate multiple perspectives.
• Early Childhood Directors as Visionaries: Our director works with parents, teachers and The J’s leadership to cultivate a diverse and vibrant learning community.
• Early Childhood Educators are Professionals: Our educators are lifelong learners, always engaging in professional development.
• Families as Engaged Learners: Family engagement builds a healthy school community. Our families are valued and diversity is embraced.
• Environments as an Inspiration for Inquiry: Our classrooms provide spaces that provoke children’s wonder, curiosity, intellectual engagement and creative expression.
• Discover CATCH as Sh’mirat HaGuf (taking care of our bodies): We encourage children’s love of physical activity and knowledge about healthy eating.
• Israel as the Story of the Jewish People: Our educators create a connection with Israel through classroom activities and holiday celebrations.

 Our Philosophy

Our Early Childhood Program is grounded in the principles of Conscious Discipline, a social and emotional philosophy that increases a teacher’s skill set for self-management and classroom leadership.

Conscious Discipline provides a relationship based model of classroom management with the “school family” at the core of the program. It is supported by the following three tenets:

• Controlling and changing ourselves is possible and has a profound impact on others Our teachers maintain a sense of calm and well-being even when children cannot.
Adults who manage their own anger and frustration teach children emotional self-management skills and provide them with a healthy model to emulate.

• Connectedness governs behavior. Our school structures and routines strengthen our family atmosphere and enrich children’s classroom experiences. Structures bring order to a classroom by helping children anticipate what comes next – rituals bring warmth and connection to a classroom by emotionally connecting children to their school experiences. At school children begin to appreciate how pleasurable it is to play and work with others.

• Conflict is an opportunity to teach. While most people instinctively try to avoid conflict – at school, we see conflict as an opportunity to teach children missing skills. With ongoing support, practice, and
coaching children gain the confidence to approach conflict directly and learn to see it as a manageable part of daily life.

 Our Values

Our school is inspired by the richness of Jewish values and traditions. We use Jewish teachings on friendship, respect, inner strength, honoring others and taking care of our community and environment as a practical guide for teaching ethics and morals in today’s world. Our curriculum reflects Jewish culture by integrating traditions and customs into routine classroom experiences through music, literacy, cooking, art and joyful celebrations.

 Where We Differ

Our program has the distinct advantage of being part of the Mandel JCC, which greatly enhances the experiences we provide to our young students.

All children use a state-of-the-art gymnasium for gross motor play and physical education instruction. Everyone benefits by working with both a music specialist and
a yoga instructor. Our 3 and 4 year-olds participate in our Red Cross instructional swim program with their Mandel JCC classmates!

Our unique wellness program, Discover CATCH, stands for Coordinated Approach to Child’s Health. Discover CATCH includes providing children with high-quality nutritional snacks and cooking experiences, a children’s garden and corresponding curriculum and a unique physical education curriculum.

 Parent Engagement

“Community” is at the center of our Mandel JCC name and our influences reach far beyond the classroom walls. Our center provides programs that strengthen parent’s
connections to both our school and to other families. A large array of social, recreational and educational programs for adults and families are offered throughout the school year. Our open-door policy welcomes parents into the classroom at any time!

 Preschool & Child Care Classrooms

Inquisitive minds, rejoicing spirits and active bodies – our early childhood classrooms are inspiring spaces that encourage children to move, explore and experiment. Classroom learning centers support children’s active engagement, initiative and independence. Self-selected play combined with teacher directed experiences empowers children’s work at school! Click here to see more photos of our beautiful half-day preschool and full-time day care facilities!

Have Questions? Want More Information?
To ask a question, get more information or schedule a tour please contact Contact Kathy Newman- (216) 593-6275 or knewman@mandeljcc.org Or, ask your question online.

The J's Preschool & Child Care center is centrally located minutes from I-271 and Chagrin Boulevard in Beachwood. It is convenient to Shaker Heights, Pepper Pike, Cleveland Heights, University Heights, South Euclid, Lyndhurst and Solon.