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rock steady boxing

Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson's

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• FREE to Members
• Membership NOT Required - Open to All 
• New lower pricing for the community - $35/month

Mandel JCC is pleased to launch, in collaboration with University Hospitals, Rock Steady Boxing. This internationally-recognized program is aimed at helping to ease the tremors and movement problems of Parkinson’s disease and has been proven to help anyone, at any level of Parkinson’s, lessen their symptoms and lead a healthier life.

What is Rock Steady Boxing?

It’s a unique exercise program, based on training used by boxing pros and adapted to people with Parkinson’s disease. Rock Steady Boxing will guide participants through a boxing based fitness curriculum designed to strengthen the body and mind. It involves regular exercises, such as stretching, running, jump-roping, push-ups, balancing and lots of non-contact boxing, led by experienced fitness professionals referred to as coaches. 

The program was founded in 2006 by Scott Newman, a former Indiana Prosecutor, who was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s at the age of 40. Newman began one-on-one, boxing training after he was diagnosed and witnessed dramatic improvement in his physical health, agility and daily functioning through the intense and high energy workouts. In 2012, the program was launched and today there are over 700 Rock Steady Boxing affiliate programs around the world.

Who Benefits from Rock Steady Boxing?

Anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease will benefit.

I Have Never Boxed and am New to Fitness; Can I Still Take These Classes?

Yes! No boxing experience is necessary and people of all ages and fitness levels are invited to participate. Our talented coaches will teach you, regardless of your fitness level, all the basics. The classes will focus on overall fitness, strength training, reaction time and balance. Workouts will include: ring work, focus mitts, heavy bags, speed bags, double-ended bags, jump rope, core work and circuit weight training

How Do I Enroll In These Classes?

To get the process started, please contact Kate Toohig: (216) 831-0700 ext.1365 • kate@mandeljcc.org

 • You will need a doctor’s note indicating that you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and that it is safe for you to participate in fitness classes.
 • Complete the application and intake forms. Forms can be downloaded below or picked up at The J's Membership Desk. 
 • Schedule an evaluation. (Please allow approximately one hour for the evaluation). 

Application and Intake Forms
 1. Member Information Form
 2. Questionnaire
 3. Personal Waiver & Release
 4. ACSM Screening Questionnaire
 5. Physician Medical Release

To schedule an evaluation contact: Kate Toohig Director, Fitness, Wellness & Recreation (216) 831-0700 ext. 1365 kate@mandeljcc.org

Do I Need to Bring a Caregiver?

At the evaluation, your coach will let you know if you need to have a caregiver with you in class at all times.

When Are the Classes Offered?

Classes are offered at the following times (schedule subject to change):

Who Will Be Teaching the Classes?

Mandel JCC Certified Personal Trainers and Certified Group Fitness instructors who have also been certified as Rock Steady Boxing Coaches will be teaching the classes.

Are Classes Drop-In or Do I Have to Be Enrolled?

Once you have registered for the program and paid your monthly fee, all classes are drop in.

How Long Is Each Class?

Each class is 60-90 minutes long

Where Will the Classes Take Place?

In the Mandel JCC gym on the lower level which is accessible by both stairs and an elevator.

What Is the Fee for Classes?

Rock Steady Boxing Classes are FREE for Members; Unlimited classes are $35/month for those in the community. 

Do I Have to be a Member of The J to Take Classes?

No, anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's is invited to participate. For members who participate in Rock Steady Boxing, The J discounts its monthly Membership rates. All Rock Steady participants will receive a 14% discount off The J’s regular membership fees. For information and membership, please visit the Membership Desk or contact (216) 831-0700, ext. 0 or info@mandeljcc.org

Do You Offer Financial Assistance for Membership to The J?

Yes, for those in need of financial assistance, The J is often able to help defray the cost of membership. If you are interested in applying for financial assistance, please contact the Membership Desk at (216) 831-0700, ext. 0 or info@mandeljcc.org to receive the financial assistance application.

What Do I Wear?

Wear comfortable, breathable clothes that allow you to move freely. Most of our members wear sweatpants or shorts and t-shirts. Gym or athletic shoes are required.

What Should I Bring to Class or Buy?

For hygienic reasons, we recommend that you purchase your own boxing gloves and wraps. You can purchase boxing gloves and wraps at The J, online, or at any sports equipment store. We stress the importance of staying properly hydrated, so make sure to bring plenty of water. (Water bottles with straws are easier to use with boxing gloves on) 

What Should I Expect?

The classes assigned to you after your initial assessment were chosen to meet your specific level of Parkinson’s. You can expect to be greeted warmly by the staff and your fellow boxers on your first day, and you can expect to meet lots of people who share the same challenges brought by Parkinson’s disease. Classes include stretching, warm-ups, the workout and a cool-down.

How Often Should I attend a Class?

How many times per week a person should attend is determined on an individual basis. It is generally recommended that a person attend a minimum of two times per week in order to see positive results. We encourage all of our members to attend as many times as possible throughout the week!

Please Note: In order to enroll in Rock Steady Boxing classes, the application and intake forms must be completed and an evaluation must be scheduled with Kate Toohig. Application and intake forms can be downloaded below and are also available at the Mandel JCC membership desk. 

Application and Intake Forms
 1. Member Information Form
 2. Questionnaire
 3. Personal Waiver & Release
 4. ACSM Screening Questionnaire
 5. Physician Medical Release


For Questions or to Register Please Contact: Kate Toohig Director, Fitness, Wellness & Recreation (216) 831-0700 ext. 1365 • kate@mandeljcc.org