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MJCC & Summer With The J

Terms and Conditions


I, in my legal capacity as the parent/guardian of thae minor named above, do hereby acknowledge and agree that participation in MJCC & Summer With The J activities comes with inherent risks. I have full knowledge and understanding of the inherent risks associated with MJCC & Summer With The J participation, including but in no way limited to the risks associated with online presence, participation, and engagement as well as the risks associated with in-person events such as supply pick up, family events/performances, encounters with nature including toxic plants and animals, aquatic injuries, athletic injuries, and illness, including exposure to and infection with viruses or bacteria. I further acknowledge that the preceding list is not inclusive of all possible risks associated with MJCC & Summer With The J participation and that said list in no way limits the operation of this Agreement.


I understand that my child is participating in a small group online or virtual activity, which means that instructors will be providing instruction to multiple children. I agree that my child will participate in these virtual activities in a common area of our home such as living room or backyard and never a private space (such as bathroom or bedroom with a closed door).  I further agree that a parent/guardian or caregiver/babysitter will be accessible during the duration of this course. In submitting this registration form, I and my child personally assume all risks whether foreseen or unforeseen in connection with my child’s participation.  I recognize that there are aspects of my child’s participation in virtual classes that are outside of MJCC’s control, including but not limited to the safety of the area in which my child is participating. The MJCC is not liable for any injury or property damage due to misuse of the materials. 


In consideration of my child’s participation in MJCC & Summer with the J programming, I, the parent/guardian of the minor named above, agree to release and on behalf of myself and the minor named below, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, and assigns, HEREBY DO RELEASE MJCC & Summer with the J, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives and insurers from any causes of action, claims, or demands of any nature.


I further hereby authorize MJCC & Summer with the J to photograph and video/audio record (“Record”) my child during the programs, and use or distribute any photograph, audio or video recording (“Materials”) related to program activities that my child is depicted in. I authorize that MJCC & Summer with the J may use any photo, slide, video recording, audio recording, or likeness of my child for promotional purposes.


I understand and agree to pay for the fees associated with this programming. I understand that I may not be charged until a later date, and that a confirmation email will be sent when payment is processed by the Mandel JCC. If I elected to use a Mandel JCC account credit for payment of the program fees, and my account credit is insufficient for the program fees, I will be responsible for the balance.