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2009 FilmFest

REFUSENIK (English/Russian/Hebrew with English subtitles, 2008, Director: Laura Bialis)
Thursday, October 15, 7 pm, Shaker Square

FOR MY FATHER (Israel, 2007, 102 minutes Hebrew/Arabic with English subtitles, Director: Dror Zahavi)
Saturday, October 17, 9 pm, Cedar Lee

LEAVING THE FOLD (Canada, 2008, 52 minutes, English/French/Hebrew with English subtitles, Director: Eric R. Scott)
Sunday, October 18, 10:00 am, Cedar Lee

MAX MINSKY & ME (Germany, 2007, 94 minutes, German with English subtitles, Director: Anna Justice)
Sunday, October 18, 2 pm, Cedar Lee

AT HOME IN UTOPIA (United States, 2008, 57 minutes, English/Yiddish Director: Michal Goldman)
Monday, October 19, 7:30 pm, Cedar Lee

Shown with TOYLAND (Germany, 2008, 13 minutes, German with English subtitles)

SHIVA (Israel, 2008, 103 minutes, Hebrew/French with English subtitles, Director: Ronit Elkabetz)
Tuesday, October 20, 7:30 pm, Cedar Lee

NINA'S HOME (France, 2005, 107 minutes French with English subtitles, Director: Richard Dembo)
Wednesday, October 21, 7:30 pm, Cedar Lee

Shown with TOYLAND (Germany, 2008, 13 minutes, German with English subtitles)

GIFT TO STALIN (Israel, 2008, 97 minutes, Hebrew/Kazakh/Russian with English subtitles Director: Rustem Abdrashev)
Thursday, October 22, 7:30 pm, Cedar Lee

THE DEBT *(Israel, 2007, 93 minutes Hebrew/German with English subtitles, Director: Assaf Bernstein)
Saturday, October 24, 9 pm, Cedar Lee

YOO HOO MRS. GOLDBERG * (United States, 2009, 90 minutes, English Director: Aviva Kempner)
Sunday, October 25, 11:30 am and 2 pm, Cedar Lee

BAD FAITH (France/Belgium, 2006, 88 minutes French with English subtitles, Director: Roschdy Zem)
Sunday, October 25, 7 pm*, Shaker Square

 *7pm is the correct start time for Bad Faith. The start time was listed incorrectly in the brochure.

* Please note the Saturday screening of The Debt and the  Sunday 11:30am and 2pm screenings of Yoo Hoo Mrs. Goldberg are all on Stand By. 
Right now we are on "standby" for the The Debt and Yoo Hoo Mrs. Goldberg.  What that means is that about 75% of our tickets have been sold in advance so that we can save room for our pass-holders. Therefore, even for "sold out" films, we can often accommodate many patrons just before show time. At the door, one-hour before show time, a stand-by wait-list is taken outside the theater lobby. Fifteen minutes before the film begins, stand-by patrons are admitted, on a space-available basis until the theater is full. We will do our best to accommodate everyone interested in screening the film. If we sell out and are not able to seat everyone, please accept our apologies in advance. ,

A Mandel JCC Special FilmFest Screening Event:

2008, 97 minutes
English, Yiddish with subtitles
Directed by: Andrew Jacobs

A remarkable group of friends come together for one final summer in the Catskill Mountains – they’re Holocaust Survivors with a captivating joie de vivre and a bracing sense of humor. Four Seasons Lodge is an inspiring film that captures the Lodgers’ intoxicating passion for living.

Date/Time: Sunday, January 31 • 1 pm
Location: The Mandel JCC Stonehill Auditorium
$6 Members
$8 Non-members

"Holy Land Hardball"...Baseball in Israel? Vy Not?
2008, 84 minutes, English, Spanish, Hebrew with subtitles
Directed by: Erik Kesten & Brett Rapkin

You don't have to be Jewish or understand a box score to embrace the crowd-pleasing national-pastime documentary "Holy Land Hardball." Variety.com

Be sure and attend this very funny and heart warming baseball film that documents one man's incredible efforts to bring America's favorite pastime to Israel. It features one of Shaker's own aspiring professional ball players- Nate Fish.

Date/Time: Sunday, February 7 • 1 pm
Location: The Mandel JCC Stonehill Auditorium
$6 Members
$8 Non-members


A special thank you to our 2009 FilmFest committee:

Norm Friedman, Chair
Edna Akrish, Jules Belkin, Eleanor Mallet Bergholz, Marilyn Cagin, Bonnie Cole, Jan & Bob Ginsberg, Brenda Goldberg, Fran Goldlust, Judy & Andrew Green, Erica Hartman Horvitz, Bill Joseph, Mira Korach, Donna Chernin Kurit, Heather Ross Lowenstein, Peta Moskowitz, Michael Peterman, Mila & Simon Rekhson, Sally Sears, Katie Shames, Roz Sukenik, Trudy Wiesenberger, Darrell Young, Deborah Bobrow,Special Projects Assoc.