Unwind. Recharge. Recover.

RecoveryZone is a self-serve dedicated room for members with advanced restorative equipment. Designed for all ages and abilities, it is ideal after a workout, to alleviate stress and tension and for overall wellness.

Enhanced Recovery

RecoveryZone is an important part of everyone’s fitness and wellness regimen. Our equipment is easy-to-use and we have videos that guide you through usage. The Hyperice App allows for personal control of every session, progress tracking and exploration of additional resources that support mental and physical health.

Get in The Zone

  • Feel rested and refreshed
  • Help muscles heal
  • Ease pain and soreness
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Prep muscles before workouts
  • Alleviate stress and tension

The J’s Equipment

  • Zero-Gravity Chair Recovery Stations
  • Stretch Mat Floor Recovery Station
  • Normatec Full Leg Recovery Systems
  • Normatec Go Lower Leg Recovery Devices
  • Hyperice X Hot/Cold Knee Recovery Devices
  • Venom 2 Heat/Vibration Devices for Knee, Lower Back and Shoulders
  • HyperVolt Pro Massage Guns
  • Vyper Massaging Foam Roller
  • HyperSphere Massage Balls

Fee for Active Mandel JCC Members - $25 per month for unlimited access.

Visit member services to add RecoveryZone to your membership.
Call 216-831-0700 x. 0 or email

Recovery Zone Leadership