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J-Day Camps is More than a Place

Posted on Friday, January 8, 2021

J-Day Camps is more than a place, it’s also a feeling. When I think of day camp, I think of the confidence it instills, the connections that are made that last a lifetime and the campers that form a family. I think of the growing number of children I have had the immense privilege of watching grow up through camp’s villages and the number of those children who become amazing young staff members. I think of the challenges campers bravely take on when they try new things and the sense of pride they feel when a new milestone is achieved. The celebration and pride of these milestones are reflected in the bonds formed at camp as campers cheer for each other, encourage each other and lean on each other. 

During a time when we are all feeling the effects of the pandemic on our physical and mental health, I believe that camp takes on a new, more important meaning. Camp becomes a beacon of hope and a return to normalcy we all crave. These immeasurable, invaluable memories and moments are not only what will bring us back together, but are what will allow our children to feel whole again. 

I believe in the power of camp. I believe in the necessity and the innate ability of camp to help us overcome everything. I believe in the social interactions and that coming together after being apart for so long will make this the sweetest, most memorable summer yet. I believe camp is essential not just in times of normalcy but in times of uncertainty. And I believe in the flexibility and safety of the program we have created to ensure that next summer truly will be the best one yet. 

Our J-Day Camps leadership team is looking forward to Summer 2021 and to the changes and opportunities it will bring. We look forward to the laughter, the sunshine, the smell of sunscreen and campfires. We look forward to our morning gatherings and Shabbat celebrations with energy so vibrant it will be palpable everywhere on our Mandel JCC campus. We look forward to bringing our family back together.

We hope that you will join us! Learn more and register for your summer adventure at mandeljcc.org/daycamp.

Abbey Phillips,
Director of Day Camps & Youth Services


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