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Cleveland Jewish FilmFest

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Each year, the FilmFest offers the best in International Jewish Cinema and features a tremendous lineup of international films and special events for all ages.

About the FilmFest

The Cleveland Jewish FilmFest, a program of the Mandel Jewish Community Center. It began in 2007 and features a diverse lineup of international films and special events for all ages. The festival offers a broad selection of features, documentaries and short films with Jewish themes that screen at local theaters and venues including Shaker and Cedar Lee Cinemas. The FilmFest aims to create a forum for the entire Cleveland community to understand the complexity of issues surrounding Jewish life in contemporary society. The films, carefully selected each year, are intended to share the breadth and depth of the Jewish cultural, religious, historical, and social conditions of all aspects of Jewish life.

Standing Up Falling Down

A struggling stand-up comedian (Ben Schwartz) moves back home to Long Island with his tail tucked between his legs, and strikes up an unlikely friendship with his eccentric dermatologist (Billy Crystal).
About the Director:
After studying theater at Northwestern and spending several years working in politics and government, Ratner moved to Los Angeles and started Tilted Windmill Productions. A lifetime as a Cleveland sports fan prepared him for the volatile nature of the film business. Standing Up, Falling Down is his directorial debut.

When: Monday, October 28 • 7 PM
Where: Cedar Lee Theatre
Fee: $12