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FilmFest - Shorts Program

Date: October 7, 2013

Film Shorts Program
Mon October 7 / 5 pm / Cedar Lee Theatre AND
Thurs October 10 / 2 pm / Cedar Lee Theatre
Please note, the Shorts Program today, Monday October 7, starts at 5 pm. The playbill had the incorrect time.

Director: Isabelle Stead, French, No Dialogue, 2010, 10 minutes,
Isaac is a lonely little Jewish boy who doesn’t fit in. When a piglet appears on his doorstop, his imagination comes to life.

55 Socks
Director: Co Hoodeman, Canada/ Netherlands, English, 2011, 9 minutes
An animated story of sacrifice during the dark days of the Nazi occupation.

Batman at the Checkpoint
Director: Rafael Balulu, Germany/ Israel, Arabic/ Hebrew, 2012, 10 minutes
Stuck at a security checkpoint outside Jerusalem, Israeli and Palestinian boys forge a fleeting friendship.

The Tailor
Director: Gordon Grinberg, USA, No Dialogue, 2012, 6 minutes
Two Chassidic boys and a humorous encounter with nuns leads to unexpected

clientuploads/FilmFest/FilmFest2013/SevenMinutes.jpgSeven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto
Director: Johan Oettinger, Denmark, No Dialogue, 2012, 8 minutes
The harsh realities of the Holocaust are starkly dramatized via animation, puppets and real actor’s eyes in this haunting tale of a Jewish boy living in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Basketball Game
Director: Hart Snider, Canada, English, 2011, 5 minutes
A simple game of hoops at a Canadian summer camp dispels prejudices in this autobiographical animated tale about confronting one’s fears.

Ben Gurion Hosting
Director: Nadav Ben Israel, Israel, Hebrew & English, 2011,
13 minutes An animated portrayal of David Ben-Gurion in his desert home describes the main events in his life.

clientuploads/FilmFest/FilmFest2013/TheSeder.jpgThe Seder
Director: Justin Kelly, Canada, English, 2011, 12 minutes
When openly gay Leo brings his boyfriend home for the Seder, the Passover themes of freedom and tolerance are put to the test.

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