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Shorts Program at Cedar Lee

Date: September 7, 2014

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Sun Sept 7 / 3:30 pm / Cedar Lee Theatre AND Thu Sept 11 / 11 am / Cedar Lee Theatre

Hannah Cohen’s Holy Communion
Director: Shimmy Marcus • Ireland • 2013 • 13 minutes • English
A feisty Irish Girl is determined to join her friends for the sacrament of Holy Communion. The only problem is … she’s Jewish.

Kiddush Man
Director: Yitz Brilliant • USA • 2008 • 11 minutes • English
A coming-of-age drama about 10-year-old Yoni, who each Sabbath attempts to sneak past grumpy Mr. Katz into Kiddush before the end of services. But one day Mr. Katz is not there.

Reporting on the Times: The New York Times and The Holocaust
Director: Emily Harrold • USA • 2013 • 18 minutes • English
Why did the newspaper of record willfully ignore the Holocaust during the 1940s? Runner up for the Student Visionary Award at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Director: Udo Prinsen • Netherlands • 2011 • 7 minutes • Various Languages with subtitles
Animated fingerprints tell the story of an Auschwitz prisoner auditioning for the camp orchestra.

A Trip to Prague
Director: Neil Needleman • USA • 2006 • 4 minutes • English
Does everyone need to meet a nice Jewish girl? Through striking illustrations and deadpan narration, the short explores the Jewish instinct to make a shiddach (fix-up).

Broken Branches
Director: Ayala Sharot • Israel • 2014 • 25 minutes • Hebrew with subtitles
In 1930s Poland, 12-year-old Michal’s peaceful childhood is interrupted by her parents’ decision to send her to a boarding school.

The Kiss (Der Kish)
Director: Paul D. Fischer • USA • 2014 • 9 minutes • English A young girl seeks a kiss from her father. The father is so wrapped up in religious contemplation that he fails to pay her much attention.

Shlomo Pussycat
Director: Michael Feinstein • USA • 2012 • 12 minutes • English A Brooklyn Rabbi is bored with his daily routine, but doesn’t want to give up his religious life. He just wants something a little different, even if it’s only a brief fantasy.

Shorts program sponsored by: Sally & Larry Sears