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Cleveland Jewish FilmFest -The 90 Minute War

Date: September 9, 2017Time: 9:15 pm
Location:  Cedar Lee Theatre

The 90 Minute War

90 Minute War is on Stand-By. When a film is on Stand-By we are no longer selling tickets in advance. This does not mean that we are sold out and usually, everyone on Stand-By is able to see the film. 

One-hour before show time, we start selling Stand-By tickets at the theater on a first-come, first-served basis. Ten minutes before the film begins, standby patrons are admitted, as space permits until the theater is full. We are usually able to accommodate everyone on Stand-By. If we sell out and are not able to seat everyone, please accept our apologies.  Anyone who is unable to be seated will be immediately refunded their ticket price.

Director: Eyal Halfon • Israel/Germany/Portugal • 2016 • Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese with English subtitles • 84 min

After decades of futile attempts to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there remains just one solution: a winner-take-all soccer match. One game will decide who will remain in the Holy Land, and who must go, revealing the sometimes petty and ridiculous nature of the conflict. A cutting take on the age-old dispute, the film is funny and politically incorrect.