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FilmFest: Shorts Program

Date: October 18, 2020Time: 10:00 am

Shorts Program

Curl: David Tzvi, a Hassidic father of four children, does everything to support his family, but in one moment of distraction, a terrible tragedy transforms his world. Salvation comes from an unexpected place.

Bubbe Maises: 80-year-old Yaffa lives in a nursing home with dementia. When she receives postcards she is reminded of her childhood.

Commandment 613: Rabbi Kevin Hale joyfully practices the sacred task of Torah restoration, heeding the final commandment of the five books of Moses as he brings new life to scrolls saved in Czechoslovakia during the Shoah.

Covenant: Concentration camp survivor Abba Kovner is set to poison a German water filtration plant to avenge the crimes of the Nazis, but as the moment of truth nears, an unexpected encounter threatens to jeopardize his mission. Based on a true story.

My Kippah: An opportunistic thief is interested in stealing a Sefer Torah––until he makes a discovery.

Ave Maria: A squabbling family of Israeli settlers find themselves in a sticky situation after their car breaks down in a remote area of the West Bank. Their only potential saviors? An order of Palestinian nuns who’ve taken a vow of silence.

Fee: $15