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FilmFest Tickets

Tickets may be purchased:

• Online

• At Mandel JCC membership desk (no ticket sales on Saturdays)

• At theater on day of show (Tickets will go on sale, if available, 45 minutes before each show.)

$150 Members / $175 Community 

Many screenings sell out -- please purchase tickets in advance!  

Please note: Ticket and Pass Holders who arrive late are not guaranteed seating. All sales are FINAL. No refunds or exchanges. Schedule and speakers subject to change.
See below for info about purchasing Stand-By tickets.

Discount tickets are available for groups of 10 or more.

If a film goes on "Stand-By" we will post this information on our website. When a film is on Stand-By we are no longer selling tickets in advance. This does not mean that we are sold out and usually, everyone on Stand-By is able to see the film. 

One-hour before show time, we start selling Stand-By tickets at the theater on a first-come, first-served basis.  Ten minutes before the film begins, standby patrons are admitted, as space permits until the theater is full. We are usually able to accommodate everyone on Stand-By. If we sell out and are not able to seat everyone, please accept our apologies.  Anyone who is unable to be seated will be immediately refunded their ticket price.