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Fitness Journey with Andrew Strobel                         

In 2011, after finding himself out of breath while climbing three flights of stairs during his senior year at the Rochester institute of technology, Andrew Strobel resolved to lose weight and get in shape.

Andrew Strobel’s remarkable fitness journey led him to the Mandel JCC, where he found a home.

During a summer break from college the then-255-pound student started exercising on an elliptical in his parents’ Lyndhurst home. Later, he joined a workout group at
a company where he interned. By the time he returned to school for his last quarter, “I had lost a chunk of weight and I don’t think many people recognized me,” Andrew said. “After graduating and accepting a job at Nook Industries in Cuyahoga Heights, the electrical and mechanical engineer was determined to maintain his healthy lifestyle. He visited several area fitness centers, but felt most comfortable at The J.

“There was a class called Hard Core Edge,” Andrew said. “It was an intense class and
I thought it offered a great work out and would be a cool way to meet people my age.”

 Andrew Strobel with Andy & Taryn Isaacs.

One of the first people he befriended was the instructor, Andy Isaacs, who invited Andrew to lift weights with him. As the group expanded and the workouts became more challenging, Andrew and his newfound workout buddies at The J, trained for and participated in several Tough Mudder Mud Runs. More recently, Andrew, Andy and Rick Mitchell competed in The J’s Indoor Triathlon and Biathlon, capturing top honors twice for their relay team.

Since joining The J, Andrew, now 28, works out in The J’s state-of-the-art tness center and regularly attends group tness classes. These experiences have inspired him to become a competitive runner, who has nished in the top 10 of several races.

“The J’s skilled certi ed personal trainers and tness instructors are dedicated to making tness fun and helping every member meet his or her goals – whether those goals are to stay limber, lose weight, tone or train for competition, like Andrew does,” said Rich Zatta, Manager, Fitness

Center and Personal Training. “Equally important, our sta and members help motivate and support one another and lasting connections are formed.”

Andrew could not agree more. “The people I’ve worked out with and crossed paths with at The J have been so encouraging, energetic and good at helping to drive me to reach my goals,” said Andrew, who now weighs a comfortable 170 pounds.

“The J has been a huge factor in helping me become a fitness enthusiast,” Andrew added. “ This is a place where I’ve not only become faster and stronger, but I’ve found a welcoming community that I hope to be a part of for a very long time.”